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Purim commemorates our salvation from Haman. We read Megilat Esther, eat a festive meal, send mishloach manot to friends and matanot l'evyonim to the poor Prologue:[1] Working in the barn from the break of dawn was. SHUSHAN PURIM The day after Purim, the 15th day of Adar, is "Shushan Purim." This year 5780 2020, Wednesday, Mar. 11th. According to Megillat Esther, the fight against the anti-semites in the walled capital city of Shushan, the city in which King Achashverosh lived, took. Printed from. Calendar of Torah and Haftarah Readings 5779 – 5781 – 3 – Key: - Torah Reading 1, - Torah Reading 2, - Torah Reading 3, - Haftarah Reading. 06 October 2018 B'reishit 27 Tishri 5779 Blessing for Cheshvan Genesis 2:4-25 or. Purim Level: Basic Purim is one of the most joyous and fun holidays on the Jewish calendar. It commemorates a time when the Jewish people living in Persia were saved from extermination. The story of Purim is told in the Biblical Book of Esther.

Jewish Jokes for Purim Why is the Shabbos before Purim called Shabbos Zachor? BECAUSE THAT IS THE LAST THING YOU WILL REMEMBER FOR A LONG TIME! What was Queen Esther’s royal gown made of? Why do we. Purim Reading the Megillah The Scroll of Esther, which tells the Purim story, is chanted in synagogue twice on Purim. Purim How To Make Your Own Gragger Instructions for constructing a Purim noisemaker Purim The Purim. WEEKLY TORAH READINGS, This week's Torah, Haftarah, and Brit Chadashah reading. Last week's Torah portion i.e., Beshalach recounted how the LORD delivered the children of Israel from Pharaoh's advancing armies by dramatically drowning them in the Sea of Reeds.

Torah Readings Weekly Torah readings Parashat ha-Shavua including verses for each aliyah and accompanying Haftarah. Includes both traditional full kriyah and triennial reading schemes. This week's Torah Portion is Parashat Mishpatim read in the Diaspora on 22 February 2020. Loading. Please Wait. Torah Study Parenting Through A Jewish Lens Rabbi Penzner Rabbi in the News Sermons and Articles Rabbi Penzner's Bio T'ruah Jewish Mass Action Donate.

Divrei Torah and Torah Study This page collects sermons, Torah commentary, and other resources related to a particular Torah portion or holiday reading. Purim Related Resources D'VAR TORAH Communal Mishloach Manot. Welcome to our little village of Anatevka, where the Purim Spirit is renowned & looked forward to all year round. In our village we have traditions for everything. How to eat, how to sleep, and even how to PARTY! You may ask, how did. Megillah Reading Times, Baltimore, MD -- Purim 5771 If you are aware of any Megillah Readings and/or times missing from this list - or if you have any corrections - please email to info@. Anyone who can. If you would like to learn how the Torah God's Instruction, the Feasts and the New Covenant can lead to a deeper relationship with our Messiah, then please visit us at L'Chaim B'Yeshua. Shabbat Services begin with the blowing of the Shofar, and includes prayer, praise and worship music, Davidic dance, blessing over the children, Torah reading, teaching and the Aaronic Benediction. Torah Study Torah Portion Aish Academy Ask the Rabbi Holidays Shabbat < > Resources Wallcam Aish Audio Jewish Name and Birthday Calendar Candle Lighting Times Kaddish Holocaust Studies Rabbi Noah Weinberg.

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